Hear Me Code

Free, beginner-friendly coding classes for women, by women

You'll be part of a community of hundreds of women learning and growing together. You don't need any coding experience to join - 85% of the women in the class have never coded before!

Lessons are beginner-friendly and focus on practical skills you can apply right away in the real world.

Classes are held once a month, so there's plenty of time to work on the exercises and practice with other Hear Me Coders in between.

Hear Me Code is free and always will be.

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Started as an informal class around the kitchen table, Hear Me Code now has hundreds of members spread across multiple classes.

The curriculum consists of twelve lessons over twelve months and focuses on practical applications to real-world programming. Hear Me Coders will also develop a long-term project relevant to their day-to-day work and interests that serves as a culmination of their efforts.

Hear Me Coders learn how to build webcrawlers, use APIs, display information on their own websites, and so much more.

Find out how it came to be

A key component of Hear Me Code is leadership development. Hear Me Coders are encouraged to train others on the skills they've learned, self-organize practice sessions in between classes, and collaborate on projects.

The classes have quickly grown large solely by word of mouth. The community is supported by its members: women at all skill levels from beginner to expert who help to lift one another up.

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Hear Me Code was founded in September 2013 by Shannon Turner and offers free coding classes for women in the DC area.

This webpage is open source, naturally. The code lives here: https://github.com/hearmecode/hearmecode