Hear Me Code

Free, beginner-friendly coding classes for over 3000 women in DC

Hear Me Code offered classes from September 2013 to September 2019.

In that time, we held over 150 classes and over 3500 women had a beginner-friendly introduction to coding in Python.

Hundreds of women started as students to become teaching assistant and teachers; dozens have credited Hear Me Code with providing them the skills and experience they needed to land their first tech job.

While we no longer offer in-person classes, all of our resources are freely available for anyone to learn on their own.

Thank you all for being part of the Hear Me Code community. Over the last six years, I think we've built something really special.

A community where thousands of women took their first steps in learning how to code; a supportive environment where we could help one another learn and grow; where so many have landed a tech job or promotion, thanks in part to the skills and experience gained here.

You may have noticed that we've been running fewer classes than usual. The reality is it's gotten much harder to secure suitable venues than it was in the past. It's not just venues though. Logistically, keeping everything moving takes a lot of time I simply don't have anymore.

In short: we'll no longer be running classes. Our slides and materials will continue to remain available for anyone to use.

What is Hear Me Code without monthly classes? Well, that's up to you. Right now, it's a community of 3500 incredibly talented folks. I hope you make the most of it; I want to think I planted the seeds of something bigger than what we see now.

Am I designating a successor? No. Why not? Running a group like this is not sustainable. But perhaps the group will adapt and shift. People used to informally organize study groups and get together pretty often! Maybe you'll start doing it again.

For now, I especially want to thank the hundreds of you who have given your time as teaching assistants and teachers, passing on what you've learned and helping others to grow. You are the backbone of this group, and I'm so, so very grateful to you.

Thank you all for being a part of this journey. It's been a joy to grow with you all.

— Shannon

Joining the Class

What pre-requisites are there to join?


But I don't think I'm techy enough to join!

That's just the impostor syndrome talking. You'll be in a supportive environment with lots of beginners like you.

Do I need to have a Computer Science degree?

No way!

Where are the classes held?

Hear Me Code is in Washington DC but doesn't have a fixed location -- classes are held wherever I can get the space donated. Be sure to watch the listserv for class announcements.

When are classes held?

Classes are held once per month on the weekends. Be sure to watch the listserv for class announcements and check the calendar.

How much do the classes cost?

Nothing -- the classes are free.

What do I need to bring?

Bring your laptop (charged), charger, and snacks! We don't want you going hungry during class.

Are transgender women welcome to join?

Of course!

Who is eligible to join Hear Me Code?

Women (cis and trans), non-binary people, and trans men.

Why can non-binary people join a group for women?

Hear Me Code was founded with the intention of carving out a space for women, but many of our members have since come out as non-binary and we want them to feel welcome in the community they have called home for years.

Why can trans men join a group for women?

I don't expect that all trans men will feel at home in Hear Me Code given our founding intention of carving out a space for women, but many will, and I'd like to welcome them to our community.

Why can't cis men join?

Hear Me Code was created to help address the gender gap in tech and provide a supportive environment where women can thrive.

There are lots of great groups that cis men can join too, and you'll often see Hear Me Coders there.

What languages will I learn?

Hear Me Code focuses on Python. At the end of three lessons, you'll have a solid foundation and will be ready to start working on practical projects.

As a male ally, how can I help?

If you know women who are interested in learning, tell them about Hear Me Code!

I can't make it to class anymore. How do I cancel my ticket?

Open your Eventbrite confirmation email for that class, click "My tickets", and follow the prompts to cancel your ticket so I can release your spot to someone on the waitlist.

What does the curriculum look like?

Check it out! There are tons of code samples, exercises, and explanations of how things work. Everything covered in the classes (and so much more) lives here.

Is it too late to join?

No way! Hear Me Code is always accepting new members!

Okay, how do I sign up?

Sign up here

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Hear Me Code was founded in September 2013 by Shannon Turner and offered free coding classes for women in the DC area from 2013-2019.